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innovative architecture

The quality of architecture can be defined by multiple criteria – how innovative and modern it is, how does the building fit in the environment, what is the landscape architecture like, as well if the interior design matches the concept of the building. Nowadays energy-efficiency of all projects together with its environmental impact has become equally important.

Proof of quality – time

At the end of the day, all projects and plans come down to one thing – how experienced are the architects (and associated experts on the team). In other words – how long-standing is the building designed, and has it withstood the test of time? What is the architecture like and how does it interact with its surroundings?

Gundars Vīksna architect’s office has more than 20 years of experience, whereas the architect himself has already 30 years of experience of working in the industry.

The fundaments of any architect’s office – an excellent team

  1. Vīksna architect’s office recognizes that constructing a building is team effort, and it requires more than a couple of drafts and sketches. The development and realization of a project requires the involvement of multiple experts – experienced architects, landscape architects, construction engineers, as well as other cooperation partners.

Innovative and dynamic approach

Regardless if the project is a house, an apartment building or a commercial building, no client wishes to receive a project just like many before him. The ability to create a new vision and to give a breath of fresh air to old ideas is an indispensible part of dynamic architecture.

The golden mean

As the architect Gundars Vīksna has said himself, architecture is two-fold – the quality of design on one side, functionality – on the other. The architect’s office aspires not only to yield the expected results in a project, but also to do it within the budget not only during the construction of the project, but also after the building has become operational. In other words, to find the perfect balance and the golden mean.

Solutions for all

Just as aesthetical requirements can differ, the function of the project, too, depends on the client commissioning the project. Public use buildings, apartment and industrial buildings, interior design and landscape architecture – you can find it all at GV birojs!

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