Switzerland is not known only for its title as the “best country in the world”, also the watches manufactured there have globally been acknowledged as the best ones in the market. Switzerland has set the standards of the watchmaking industry and keeps holding the leading position within the niche. When it comes to watches and choosing the best, undoubtedly the choice goes for the Swiss luxury watches.

 As I wanted to purchase my own high-quality watch, I was looking for a place within Baltic countries where I could find what I was looking for. Among the most recognized Premium class watch brands stand out such names as Breguet, Chanel, Chopard, Rolex and Hublot. Baltic Watches watch store offers watches of these brands both for ladies and gentlemen. Besides, there are many more luxury brands that this store can offer.

Therefore, for all watch lovers out there that are looking for exclusive watches of prestige and quality, I can highly recommend Baltic Watches center in the Old Town of Riga. It is possible to purchase a watch both on the spot and online. Personally, I prefer trying on a watch before I buy one to make sure it really fits and is right for my personality. The address is Jana street 3 – it is located in the very heart of Riga.

Full-service watch store

I was surprised to see the wide variety of exclusive Swiss watch brands within this watch store. In addition, not only Baltic watches has different kinds of timepieces to offer, it works as a full service watch center. It is a wholly unique center within Baltics as not only it sells, but also offers repurchase and exchange of Swiss watches and repair by professional, certified watchmakers specialized in Swiss watches.

It means that everything that is related to exclusive Swiss watches can be dealt with in this watch store. As a guarantee of reliability is a warranty that is given to every original Swiss watch. As the love for timepieces has not still been lost, this watch store, born from the passion and interest of watchmaking art, is a place all enthusiasts seek – a store that offers the highest quality and time tested values. 

It is a royal watch store that attracts customers of class and prosperity. As it is widely known, a good Swiss watch is a sign of status, achievements and prestige. In the business environment, it is a highly valued detail. In a meeting with a business partner, it tells the interlocutor about its wearer without words. Anyone that is familiar with watchmaking art, will highly appreciate a valuable timepiece.

The roots of the watch store

Baltic Watches was founded by Girts Strencis who has dedicated more than 10 years of his life to the watchmaking industry. He describes watches as both his hobby and profession. It means that this watch store incorporates not only valuable timepieces, but is a place that has been created out of love and passion. Therefore, it can be felt both in the attitude of the employees and the overall atmosphere that it is a place of utmost respect. 

What can be better than to combine a hobby with work? Watches has been like the love at first sight for the founder of Baltic Watches and he is eager to show the value of the timepieces to others as well. That is also a factor that attracted me to this watch store. I think that he describes very well what luxury watches are in the following quote: “A watch is like an intellectual gourmand’s delicacy of fashion”. 

To get a better understanding of Baltic watches watch store, I suggest watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEPA7YD5x3c&feature=emb_logo. Very shortly it tells about the watch store, the watchmaking art and their offered services. It also allows you to take a look behind the scenes – which undoubtedly is the most intriguing part of it.

Repurchase and exchange services

Baltic Watches is the only watch store in the Baltics that provides this service. It is widely used in Europe where watch professionals exchange or repurchase watches from the previous owners. Thus, it is possible to buy a watch with a discount and add a new watch to the collection without spending as much as for a wholly new watch. Because of Baltic Watches, this service has become available also in Latvia.

Anyone buying a watch from Baltic Watches can be confident of its excellent condition and authenticity as every watch is given a warranty and has undergone scrupulous inspection. For anyone that owns a Swiss watch it is possible to fill in a document and choose the type of deal. 

There are 2 types of deals possible: the watch can be either sold or exchanged. The professionals from Baltic Watches are always reachable for advice and can help with the process. When it comes to exclusive watches and exclusive Swiss watch services, the company is always ready to offer the best and help solve any kind of problems – the highest-standards customer service is part of the exclusivity.

Watch store + repair services

Baltic Watches repair shop is the best place to take a Swiss watch if its mechanism has stopped functioning properly. The lead watchmaker Ervīns Undelis is a name that is well-known in the watch repairing industry. He is certified by Swiss manufacturers such as Raymond Weil and Maurice Lacroix. He certainly is the best watchmaker to trust a Swiss watch to.

In the repair and check process an accredited Swiss equipment is used and also original parts come directly from the manufacturer. That is why the repair process is as smooth as possible and because of that Baltic Watches are allowed to provide a warranty service for exclusive watches.

In the workshop there is a chemical laboratory to perform manipulations under sterile conditions such as cleaning, polishing and removal of micro-dusts. The watchmakers can deal with any kind of issue and return the breath to the watch even in the most complex cases. Besides, not only Swiss watches can be repaired in Baltic Watches workshop. Any type of watch can be taken there and it will be taken care of in the hands of the best watchmakers.

Baltic Watches – unique kind of experience

Not only the concept of this watch store makes it unique. The experience itself by finding a watch here is special. As all kinds of highest quality watches are proud of unique design and highest quality materials and gemstones, they can be considered as a piece of art. Each watch is handmade and it takes even up to one year to create one. That is what makes up the price of the watch. 

It is exclusive not only because of the precious metal and gemstones, but also because of the simple fact that these types of watches are made in limited quantities, the mechanism is of the highest complexity and the design is unique. As any luxury item, also a luxury watch has a higher price tag than the medium or lower quality watch. 

Clearly its price can be justified. It is not simply a number – it stands for the quality and the required knowledge of it and also the effort put to create it. Despite being such a small accessory, it is made of hundreds of details and parts, and all of them have to work in accordance and be precise. Each exclusive brand has a development and research department as they need to come up with new ideas how to make the mechanisms work and the watches to function. There are millions spent only on the research alone.

Besides, by buying an exclusive watch, you are also buying the history and the story behind the watch. Some exclusive watches have been owned by kings and queens of other centuries. Some tell about the future as the newest innovation has been added to the watch and the manufacturers have created something that the world can see for the first time. Besides, even on the design alone months can be spent to create its look and style. An exclusive watch is the combination of the work of a designer, a watchmaker and an engineer. 

A watch store to anyone’s taste

In Baltic countries there is a watch store that has united many exclusive Swiss brands that tell their stories. If you are also interested in finding yourself a watch that can be handed over from generation to generation, Baltic Watches is the right place to look for it. I invite you to visit Jāņa Street 3 and try on some of the masterpieces and find the right one for you. That is the place I found my Hublot as well and I am sure that your watch is waiting for you there as well.

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