What is Somatics? It is an attempt to get to know yourselves through three elements and thus get closer to the health of both inner peace, harmony, and self-acceptance. Somatica means way to return identity and making the world around you easier. Usually, semantics is gentle, careful and respectful self-knowledge process.

Adventures in which we test ourselves

Dan Sykes, Emergency Fish Party host, is a man, who had created youtube show. This is a story about self-acceptance in a less peaceful form, but it gives you an opportunity to understand how you had accepted yourself and what self-knowledge means. It is a show that shows the limits of human possibilities and what we can achieve with courage and the desire to know ourselves. Some people, of course, seem to be foolish, but still everybody have a great desire to watch and reflect on this kind of show by asking themselves, “Can I do it?”

Control your body with the mind

For most people, mind is usually dominated by feelings and a body that disrupts the natural balance and causes difficulties, illnesses or other problems with yourself or with others. As free as Dan Sykes see the world, it’s not a problem. If this is not possible and you can’t accept yourself, it is possible to participate in somatic seminars, where you get to know different approaches that help you to know – where to look for the root of the problem? How to deal with them? Dan Sykes show can help you to solve your problems and help to live life fulfill. One of the reasons why this kind of self-acceptance is suitable for everyone, is that there is no need for a big budget. Most often, the excuse that is heard about laziness or the desire to sit on the couch, is money. No big budget is needed for such Dan Sykes activities and he proves that you can do so many things without large amount of money!

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