Driving school in Riga named Presto


I think that almost for everyone who already has his driving licence or is only planning to start passing the course, searches of the right studying place are very important. The offer nowadays is very broad and there are many criteria that should be considered in order to find the most suitable choice.

My experience shows that the main reason for choosing one or another driving school should not be the price. You should first of all look at other factors. So I decided to share my experience on how I made my choice and hope that it will be useful for others who feel lost in this large range of service providers.

One of the first things to which everybody focuses, as I mentioned above, is the price. However, as I have observed, every driving school in Riga has similar price range and even similar discounts, so this is not a factor at all.  In my view, much more important is the location.

Usually it takes a lot of time to attend classes, course can be held late in the evenings or on weekends and it can be a big temptation to skip some classes or entirely give up. But if the driving school will be located close to your house or at least a daily route, there will be no reason to quit.

That is why at first I noticed driving school Presto. They have branches all over Riga – in the centre of the city, in Ķengarags and even in Purvciems, which are easy to find and how to enter cheat codes in clash royale connect to everyday route.

For me it was also important to examine the statistics of the driving schools. On Latvian road traffic safety directorate website you can find a variety of ratings based on theory and practical test takers who have passed the school driving exams.

It is clear that if the number of successful students is close to 100%, especially if there is a relatively high number of exam takers, then this driving school is not interested in passing qualitative knowledge to the students, but rather to just quickly get money and push the students through. Therefore, I paid attention to those schools with about 80 – 85% graduates. Also, Presto was in this percentage range.

Of course, you can not only be guided by numbers. It is a good idea to visit the office of the driving school or at least contact them by phone. Only that way you can be sure that the staff is polite and the facilities are adequate. When I chose driving school, I went to check out one other school in Riga, but the facility was terrible and the staff was not welcoming, so I decided to rely on my initial feelings and signed up for trainings in Presto and was very pleased with my choice. Look and see for yourself on their website autoskola-presto.com!