TOP driving school in Riga for getting comfort and freedom faster

top driving school in Riga

If you need to find driving school in Latvia, it may become a very hard choice. The reason is huge amount of educational institutions for new drivers. For small number of inhabitants of country, there are more than 200 driving schools and biggest part of them are located in capital city Riga. They all give loud promises to get driving licence fast and cheap, but what is the real situation? Is it even possible to compare all important parameters objectively and find TOP driving school in Riga?

Some tips before making decision

First thing to look at is price, which is really significant and important. Reading contract and clear up all confusions is the safest way. Unfortunately, often there are “Pay only for driving lessons and get theory for free!” or “Pay only 1 Eur for theory course” marketing tricks in the market. But in the end you pay much more, because usually in this scenario driving schools will charge more than average for practical driving lessons. It could also be extra money for other services, so these kinds of tricks can “present” unexpected expenses and a lot longer learning period.

What points in the contract are the most important?

Main expenses, which should be in contract:

  • registration and document formatting;
  • theory course and examination;
  • medical certificates and first aid courses.
  • driving lessons.

Usually driving lessons are the biggest part of all expenses. You can’t escape it, because Latvian legislation determine 14 obligatory lessons, each 90 minutes long. TOP driving schools in Riga are safe, reliable and even in their homepages offers expense calculator.

Professional teachers and instructors can help get driving licence much faster

Of course, without teachers and driving instructors you can’t get driving licence and they could be the key to better understanding. After reading contract, check all teaching staff in CSDD homepage, internet reviews also would help. Before writing the contract, find out meeting point with driving instructor, because of the distance.

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