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Getting an air conditioner for your home is an important decision to make and think through. On top of being a financial investment decision, it is also a decision that will affect one’s home over the course of many years. When searching for the right company that is selling air conditioners, two main factors should be considered – the quality as well as energy-efficiency.

What are the popular types?

When choosing your device, it is important to understand what is the main purpose of it. The most common choices are the centralised or wall air conditioners. Mobile devices are available, too, but they are comparatively louder and take up more space in the room.

What qualifies as “energy efficient”?

Just like any car dealer, manufacturers of air conditioners, too, have to grade how energy-efficient is their product. It is common to use the SEE index (Seasonal Energy Efficiency). The higher the index, the more energy-efficient the conditioner.

How to choose the right device?

The best choice, as obvious as it may sound, is to turn to a representable dealer, such as Commodus. Excellent customer service and long experience in what is the best choice for Latvian weather combined with globally acknowledged brands makes the shopping that much easier!

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that an air conditioner that is too small will not maintain the desired cool temperature; same applies to using some that are too big for the home or office – they will turn on and off too often, proving to be very energy inefficient, wearing down the compressor much faster, too.

Other factors, such as size of the windows, square footage, local climate, building’s exposure to sun, insulation and even the number (and type) of electric devices in the room play an important part in how the air conditioner will maintain the microclimate of the indoors.

Tips for an optimised use of an air conditioner

  • During summer months, it is advised to set the temperature to meet the comfort levels, not a certain temperature. The smaller the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower the electricity consumption. Humidity control can help in setting the right comfort levels.
  • Avoid installing the device close to other devices that emit more heat – lamps, TVs, etc.

Use a ventilator to cool down the room – it will move the air around all the rooms without creating higher use of electricity.

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