G. Viksna architecture studio – where sensations meet functionality


The profession of an architect is rather broad – an architect sees, feels and envisions further, sees the bigger picture and knows how to hide flaws. Creativity is just a small fraction of an architect office’s tasks, for it is more important to make the project functional. The main goal is to make the clients idea, vision and dreams a reality in the form of a building. The main aspiration – comfortable functions of the building, regardless if it is for small number or big number of inhabitants.

First come the sketches and blueprints, then – photographs and a reality in the surroundings. G. Viksna architecture studio both in Riga and Liepaja offices listens to the clients’ desires and creates their future. Over 20 years of experience and more than 1000 realised projects ensure customer satisfaction.

Viksna architecture office’s services

The office has created private homes and public buildings. It is with the public buildings that the future vision shines at its finest; the pedestrian bridge in Grobina is a favourite among its inhabitants.

Every architect’s work begins with a concept – the owner of the building in collaboration with the architect creates a story – the message that the building conveys, based on the context of it’s surroundings, complete with external functions. Viksna’s architecture studio combines excellent architectonical solutions with ideal indoor functionality and rational floor plan. The concept of the building is a promise of the architect.

Dwelling homes – warmth of heart

The approach to dwelling homes is slightly different. Although functionality and practicality are crucial elements, the most important is to make the house a home – a comforting and welcoming place. The architecture studio has experience in private homes and apartment complexes. Every detail is carefully thought through – the interaction with the nature in the form of the lawn, garden, yard. Elevators, courtyards, plants and shelter from wind are of no less importance.

Rationality in industrial buildings

Whole other set of rules apply when designing industrial buildings. The most rational solution is the right one, for the technological processes of the building and the layout of the machinery are the stars. The architecture studio of Viksna makes the extra effort to avoid metal carcasses – the objective is to incorporate the building in its location.

Architecture has two side – the subjective point that determines whether the building is liked or not, and the objective point, i.e. the functionality of the building. G. Viksna has mastered the skill to combine both faces of the coin. See for yourself!

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