Architect’s creative outlet – innovative architecture

innovative architecture

The quality of architecture can be defined by multiple criteria – how innovative and modern it is, how does the building fit in the environment, what is the landscape architecture like, as well if the interior design matches the concept of the building. Nowadays energy-efficiency of all projects together with its environmental impact has become equally important. Continue reading “Architect’s creative outlet – innovative architecture”

TOP driving school in Riga for getting comfort and freedom faster

top driving school in Riga

If you need to find driving school in Latvia, it may become a very hard choice. The reason is huge amount of educational institutions for new drivers. For small number of inhabitants of country, there are more than 200 driving schools and biggest part of them are located in capital city Riga. They all give loud promises to get driving licence fast and cheap, but what is the real situation? Is it even possible to compare all important parameters objectively and find TOP driving school in Riga?

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Air conditioners from Commodus – the proper care for your home


Getting an air conditioner for your home is an important decision to make and think through. On top of being a financial investment decision, it is also a decision that will affect one’s home over the course of many years. Continue reading “Air conditioners from Commodus – the proper care for your home”

G. Viksna architecture studio – where sensations meet functionality


The profession of an architect is rather broad – an architect sees, feels and envisions further, sees the bigger picture and knows how to hide flaws. Creativity is just a small fraction of an architect office’s tasks, for it is more important to make the project functional. The main goal is to make the clients idea, vision and dreams a reality in the form of a building. Continue reading “G. Viksna architecture studio – where sensations meet functionality”

Like advertisement portal – only fresher and easier

616ead64db696773ec0f602c0c253828b335804a0ef345f6a0pimgpsh_fullsize_distr is the most popular portal for advertisements in Latvia. It can be comparable with electronical and virtual shopping mall, where you can buy, sell and find out everything about what’s new in the market. Still, during past years, developers haven’t done anything for improving homepage, to make it easier and faster for users. The same layout of advertisements, no search tool and no online communication with seller. Continue reading “Like advertisement portal – only fresher and easier”

Heating boilers – prerequisite for the warmth and comfort in your house

Father flying daughter on feet in living room

The warmth and cosiness of the house is one of the most important things that provide pleasant living conditions. In climatic conditions where heating is necessary almost throughout the year, choosing the heating system is a particularly important decision. Not only the efficient heating system plays an important role in ensuring your everyday comfort, but it also protects the building from damages and can help you to avoid frequent repairs. Continue reading “Heating boilers – prerequisite for the warmth and comfort in your house”

Dermatologist in Riga – ensuring your skin’s wellbeing


The skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body that reflects its health and acts as barrier to injury and bacteria. A dermatologist is an educated doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of different conditions affecting skin, nails, hair, as well as sweat and oil glands and mucus membranes. Continue reading “Dermatologist in Riga – ensuring your skin’s wellbeing”

Experienced architects for your project’s success


Whether it is a new house, public building, industrial design or interior design, there is no doubt that choosing an architect for your dream project is an important decision one has to make in order to ensure a successful result. There are many qualities that characterize experienced architects – they are highly skilled and educated professionals, trained to turn your aspirations into reality whether planning and designing buildings or coordinating construction. Professional architects have completed university programs and internships, they have passed complex exams and their training often covers many areas, from landscape design to structural engineering.

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